RASTA Xis the platform where public policy experts, professionals, practitioners and academicians come together to express their views, share their experiences, and guide members of the RASTA Community to expedite research and suggest policy interventions for effective, actionable, evidence-based policymaking. Activities under RASTA Xp include series of talks, interviews and webinars related to public policy issues facing Pakistan. Our renowned panellists of the roundtable discussions and workshops provide valuable guidance related to framing research questions, proposal writing, calculating budget estimates, and planning & conducting desk/field research.


Since the successful launch of RASTA in October 2020 at PIDE, the RASTA Community is growing on a fast pace. In line with the RASTA objectives and to develop a local knowledge network in Pakistan, RASTA has established a multi-disciplinary platform of researchers, policymakers, practitioners, academicians, graduate/post-graduate students and observers, from government and private sectors, called the ‘RASTA Community Network’. The objective of this network is to facilitate interactions and initiate meaningful public policy debate between different actors to reduce research-policy gap in the country. To join the RASTA Community Network, fill the RASTA Form C-1 and send it to [email protected]. There are no membership charges.

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