The ‘Research for Social Transformation and Advancement’ (RASTA) is the largest social sciences research network in Pakistan. RASTA’s mission is to develop a research culture and network of academia and think tanks across Pakistan producing high-quality, evidence-based policy research to inform Pakistan’s public policy process.

The objectives of RASTA programme are to (a) reduce research-policy gap by stimulating economic and social science research and debate across Pakistan; (b) build a network of thought communities stimulating internally de¬ned and produced policy-relevant research; (c) provide a knowledge-sharing/generating platform where di erent actors can present and share evidence-based research to inform decision-making in the government; (d) revisit the future policy agenda in line with the evidence produced in this programme; and (e) build capacity and improve policymaking and implementation by involving and engaging local universities, think tanks, policymakers, practitioners, and other stakeholders.

With these objectives, the programme seeks to develop local thought communities and generate knowledge. Substantial outputs will be completed in important areas of public policy that will produce insightful research and facilitate goals that the Government wants to achieve according to its vision.


The RASTA is managed by the Project Management Team (PMT) at PIDE, Islamabad. The RASTA PMT manages all programme activities under the leadership of Dr Nadeem Ul Haque, Chairman RAC/Vice Chancellor, PIDE and Dr Faheem Jehangir Khan, Project Director, RASTA/Senior Research Economist, PIDE.

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