Individuals and/or groups of researchers, academicians, graduate students, scholars, professionals, practitioners, freelancers, and organizations (both government and non-government) with interest in economic growth and public policy issues of Pakistan.

No, there is no specific application form except the ‘Application Cover Sheet’ which is to be filled separately for all PI and Co-PIs. Following is the check list for your application:

  • File 1 (Application Cover Sheet)
  • File 2 (Research Proposal)
  • File 3 (Budget Estimates and Explanation)
  • File 4 (Brief CV/University Transcripts/Recommendation Letter)

No, there is no specific format/outline. Detailed application guidelines are given on the RASTA website.

No, only relevant research proposals which are in line with the given themes will be entertained. Having said that, keep following RASTA program updates as there will be more rounds of RASTA Call for Research Proposals with new/additional themes. 

There is no restriction on minimum duration of a study. The maximum duration of a research project should be 12 months.

See application guidelines on RASTA website. This main body of the research proposal must not exceed 12 single-spaced pages with 12 font size, using Times New Roman/Cambria font. This does not include initial pages, budget estimates, and annexure, if any.

An applicant can submit two research proposals; one research proposal as PI and one research proposal as Co-PI; or can be a part of teams as Co-PI in two research proposals. 

Maximum time duration of a project is 12 months.

Maximum amount is Rupees 4.0 million.

Yes, you may. The decision to finance an ongoing project will be made through a competitive review process and approval of the RASTA Research Advisory Committee (RAC).

Yes, you may. You must inform/take permission from the existing sponsor of your research and have to acknowledge both funding sources in your research product. The decision to finance your study will be made through a competitive review process and approval of the RAC.

Yes, if the proposal involves new research related to the chapter/book. 

Deliverables such as interim reports and final reports are linked with RASTA workshops, RASTA conferences, and review meetings of RAC. Extension of these deadlines is unlikely. However, it is recognized that preparation of journal articles and other research publications base on the RASTA research will extend beyond the one-year grant period.

After application submission, research proposals will be reviewed by RAC members in detail. Proposals with highest scores will be shortlisted and invitations will be sent to PI & Co-PIs to present their research proposal in the Review Workshop, followed by the RAC meeting to finalise awards. Criteria for the reviews are given on the RASTA website.

Yes, data collection instruments, all data collected, and work produced under RASTA will have to be submitted for authenticity checks. Confidentiality of data instruments and data will be ensured.

Plagiarism in any form is not allowed. Applicants are strongly encouraged to cite and reference properly. All submissions/deliverables will be checked for plagiarism.

To keep the competition fair and transparent, RAC Members and their family members (including parents, spouse and children) are NOT eligible to participate in CGP.

30% at the time of award; 30% at the interim report stage; and 40% after the final submission and approval of RAC.

In your File 3: Budget estimates and explanation document.

A maximum of 10% of the calculated budget is permissable.