1st RASTA Conference

I. Energy Issues

Techno-Economic Analysis of Widespread Microgrids’ Deployment in Pakistan’s Electrical Power Sector
Danial Saleem, Deputy Manager-Technical, NTDC
PaperPolicy Brief

Reducing Weighted Average Cost of Generation in Pakistan Through Time of Use Pricing Models of Flexible Electric Loads
Naveed Arshad, Associate Professor, LUMS
PaperPolicy Brief

Household Energy Poverty in Pakistan
Fouzia Sohail, Research Economist, Aercdiscussant: Afia Malik, Senior Research Economist, PIDE
PaperPolicy Brief

II. Urban Development

Adoption of A Performance Evaluation Technique for the Development of a Framework for the Climatic Responsive Urban Design
Salma Sherbaz, Assistant Professor, NUST 
PaperPolicy Brief

Prospects for the Development of Solid Waste Management System: A Case Study of Metropolitan City Karachi
Ambreen Fatima, Research Economist, AERC
PaperPolicy Brief

Choice Modelling of Public Transport to Design Transport Policies for Urban Mobility in Pakistan
Ajaz Ahmed, Assistant Professor, IBA Karachi
PaperPolicy Brief

Discussant: Murtaza Haider, Professor, Ryerson University, Canada

PIDE Citypedia

PIDE Citypedia: Defining City Boundary
Faheem Jehangir, Senior Research Economist, PIDE

III. Technology & Public Service Delivery

Electronic Voting Machines for Pakistan: Opportunities, Challenges, And the Way forward
Hina Binte Haq, Phd Candidate, NUST
PaperPolicy Brief

Transforming Public Sector Through Digital Governance initiatives in KP: Bureaucratic Conduct, Transparency in Service Delivery and Citizen Centric E-Governance
Shagufta Aman, Phd Candidate, University of Peshawar
PaperPolicy Brief

Cost-Benefit Analysis of Parallel Education Streams in the Public Sector
Muhammad Jehangir Khan, Assistant Professor, PIDE
PaperPolicy Brief

Discussant: Zahid Asghar, Professor, School of Economics, QAU

The RAC & RASTA Consultative Meeting
Review of RASTA CGP Model Suggestions for CGP 4.0 ‘Call for Research Proposals’

IV. Social Sector Development

Improving Public Sector Development Programme Allocations in Clientelistic Environment of Balochistan: A Political Economy Analysis
Mir Sadaat Baloch, President BCPP Quetta
PaperPolicy Brief

Public-Private Partnerships in Education: Evaluating the Education Management Organisations Program in Sindh, Pakistan
Gul Muhammad Rind, Lecturer, IBA Sukkur
PaperPolicy Brief

An Impact Evaluation of Government Scholarship On Students Success: A Case Study of University of Turbat
Riaz Ahmed, Assistant Professor, University of Turbat
PaperPolicy Brief

Skill Mapping & Human Resource Planning for Special Economic Zones: Job Creation for Unemployed Youth of Balochistan
Aziz Ahmed, Lecturer, BUITEMS Quetta
PaperPolicy Brief

Discussant: Zafar Ul Hasan, Joint Chief Economist, M/o PD&SI

V. Markets & Regulations

Regulatory Framework And Behavioral Issues in the informal Khokhas’ Markets in Pakistan
Anwar Shah, Associate Professor, Quaid-I-Azam University
PaperPolicy Brief

Revitalization of Street Economy in Pakistan: The Case of Islamabad
Nasir Iqbal, Associate Professor, PIDE
PaperPolicy Brief

Regulatory Environment of the “Professions” in Pakistan: Outline & Proposals for Reform
Umer Ijaz Gilani, Lawyer, IHC
PaperPolicy Brief

Discussant: Idrees Khawaja, Chief of Research, PIDE

Sludge: the Administrative Burden
PIDE Sludge Series: Estimating the Cost of Regulations
Ahmed Waqar Qasim, Senior Research Economist, PIDE

VI. Political Economy of Development & Reform

Political Dynasties and Local Economic Development in Pakistan
Faiz Ur Rehman, Associate Professor, IBA Karachi
PaperPolicy Brief

The Political Economy of Non-Tariff Protection in Pakistan
Adeel Malik, Associate Professor, University of Oxford UK

The Perspective of Native People Regarding Developmental Projects of CPEC in Gwadar
Zahid Ali, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Peshawar
PaperPolicy Brief

Exploring Water Governance Policy Framework for Enriching Participatory Irrigation Management Reforms
Muhammad Arfan, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Jamshoro
PaperPolicy Brief 

Discussant: Sultan Mahmood, Asst Professor, New School, Moscow

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