3rd RASTA Conference

DAY 1 | Thursday 14th September 2023

REGISTRATION                                                                                                                                 0900 – 0930

INAUGURAL SESSION                                                                                                                      0930 – 1000

  • Rasta Progress Report
    Faheem Jehangir,
    Project Director RASTA

  • Rasta Chairman’s Address
    Nadeem Ul Haque,
    Vice Chancellor PIDE

I. Urban Development and Industry                                                                         1000 – 1130

  • Emergence and Growth of Small and Medium Enterprises in Daroghawala Industrial Cluster Lahore
    Muhammad Shafaat Nawaz (University of Illinois at Chicago, USA)
    Paper, Policy Brief
  • Exploration and Analysing the Drivers of Urban Sprawl in Pakistan:
    A Case Study of Lahore
    Mazhar Abbas (Government College University, Faisalabad)
    Paper, Policy Brief
  • Building-Up Policy Framework for Business Incubation Ecosystem in Pakistan
    Abdul Wahid (NUML, Islamabad)
    Paper, Policy Brief

Discussant:                        Zahid Asghar
Professor (Economics), Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad

Tea Break           1130 – 1200

II. Law and Judiciary                                                                         1200 – 1330

  • Bottlenecks or Inefficiencies: A Critical Analysis of Judicial Efficiency and Court Productivity in the Lower Judiciary System of Punjab
    Saima Sarwar (Government College University, Lahore)
    Paper, Policy Brief

  • Investigating the Procedural, Institutional and Circumstantial Impediments Leading to Delay in Dispensation of Justice
    Ahsan Jamal Pirzada (Jamal & Jamal Advocates & Legal Consultants, Islamabad)
    Paper, Policy Brief

  • Prisons as Pathways to Rehabilitation or Criminality? A Case-Study of the Prison’s Effect on Long-Term Rehabilitation Outcomes in Haripur Jail
    Shujahat Ali (University of Peshawar, Peshawar)
    Paper, Policy Brief

Discussant:                        Khalid Chauhan

Secretary, Tourism Department, AJ&K Government

Lunch Break      1330 – 1415

Rasta Showcase-I: Domestic Commerce                                                                                    1415 – 1430

The State of Commerce in Pakistan
Omer Siddique, Senior Research Economist, PIDE Islamabad

III. Human Capital and Opportunities                                                                      1430 – 1600

  • Nature, Causes and Consequences of Youth Unemployment in Balochistan: An Empirical Analysis
    Mohammad Ahsan Achakzai (BUITEMS, Quetta)
    Paper, Policy Brief
  • Skilled Women’s Self-Employability and TVET Programs in Balochistan: An Empirical Study
    Nagina Gul (BUITEMS, Quetta)
    Paper, Policy Brief
  • Investigating Engineering Graduates’ Employability Using Advanced Machine Learning
    Aqsa Shabbir (Lahore College for Women University, Lahore)
    Paper, Policy Brief

Discussant:                        Nooreen Mujahid

Director, AERC, University of Karachi 

DAY 2 | Friday 15th September 2023

IV. Sludge And Dead Capital 1000 – 1130

  • Critical Appraisal of Legal-Institutional Structure of Revenue Courts in Pakistan: Minimizing Sludge in Agricultural Property Cases
    Saad S. Khan (Governor’s Inspection Team, Government of KP)
    Paper, Policy Brief
  • Alternate Use of Public Assets: A Case Study of Allama Iqbal Open University
    Moazzam Ali (Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad)
    Paper, Policy Brief

  • Unlocking Pakistan Railways Dead Capital
    Azwar Muhammad Aslam (PIDE Islamabad)
    Paper, Policy Brief

Discussant:                        Ahmed Waqar Qasim
Senior Research Economist, PIDE Islamabad

Tea Break           1130 – 1200

V. Education And Technology 1200 – 1330

  • Factors Associated with School Dropout in Pakistan: An Assessment Using Survival Analysis
    Alvina Sabah Idrees (Government College University, Lahore)
    Paper, Policy Brief

  • An Ignored Solution to K-12 Education Problems in Pakistan: Framework for Mainstreaming Career Education
    Ghazanfar Iqbal (University of Makran, Panjgur)
    Paper, Policy Brief
  • Technology Adoption in Islamabad Police
    Verda Salman (NUST, Islamabad)
    Paper, Policy Brief

Discussant:                        Rafiullah Kakar
Member (Social Sector & Devolution), Planning Commission of Pakistan

Lunch Break      1330 – 1415

Rasta Showcase-II: Value Chain Of Edible Oil                                                               1415 – 1430

Investigation of Value Chain of Edible Oil to Identify Possible Policy Interventions to Achieve Self-Sufficiency
Abedullah Anjum, Chief (Research), PIDE Islamabad

VI. Public Finance Management and Financial Inclusion             1400 – 1600

  • Taming the Leviathan Towards Public Sector Resource Efficiency: Fiscal Federalism or Fiscal Decentralization in Pakistan
    Muhammad Ahmad Barula (Independent Researcher, Lahore)
    Paper, Policy Brief
  • Withholdingisation of Taxation System: Beneficial or Not?
    Amer Shakeel (University of Management and Technology, Lahore)
    Paper, Policy Brief
  • Firms’ Financial Inclusion and Export Performance: Evidence from Manufacturing Sector Firms in Pakistan
    Fareeha Armugan (SDPI, Islamabad)
    Paper, Policy Brief

Discussant:                        Athar Maqsood

Professor (Economics), NUST Islamabad

CLOSING SESSION                                   1600           

Lessons, Way Forward & Vote of Thanks

Nadeem Ul Haque
Vice Chancellor PIDE / Chairman RAC, RASTA