2nd RASTA Conference

I.  Power Sector: An Enigma With no Easy Solution

Tahir Basharat Cheema
Former MD, PEPCO & Research Team

II.  Mitigating Traffic Congestion in Islamabad    

Idrees Khawaja
Chief of Research, PIDE & Research Team
Policy Brief

RASTA Showcase-I: Social Capital
How Do Pakistanis ‘Bond, Bridge And Link’ With Each Other: Understanding The Country’s Social Capital
Durre Nayab
Director (Research), PIDE Islamabad

III.  Public Finance Management

City Development Product: Data Architecture for Sustained Economic Development in Pakistan
Mohammad Ahmad (PhD Candidate, The Fletcher School, Tufts University, USA)
PaperPolicy Brief

Revisiting Urban Immovable Property Valuation: An Appraisal of Spatial Heterogeneities Using Big Data in Punjab
Shoaib Khalid (Assistant Professor, GC University Faisalabad)
PaperPolicy Brief

Estimating the Distributional Burden of Indirect Taxes in Pakistan
Iffat Ara (PhD Candidate, AERC, University of Karachi)
PaperPolicy Brief

Evaluation of Different Tax Reform Proposals
Muhammad Nadeem Sarwar (PhD Candidate, IBA Karachi)
PaperPolicy Brief


(1) Murtaza Haider
Professor, Ryerson University, Toronto Canada

(2) Athar Maqsood Ahmed
Professor of Economics, NUST

IV. Food Security And Agricultural Development

Household Market Participation Access and Farm Productivity in AJK: Evidence from Farm Household Data
Khush Bukhat Zahid (Subject Matter Specialist, Department of Agriculture, AJ&K)
PaperPolicy Brief

Dynamics of Food Prices in Major Cities of Pakistan
Nigar Zehra (Research Economist, AERC, University of Karachi)
PaperPolicy Brief

Impact of Major Public Policies on Cotton Production in Pakistan
Irfan Ahmad Baig (Professor, MNS University of Agriculture, Multan)
PaperPolicy Brief

Enhancing Transboundary Water Cooperation Through Economic Valuation of Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services in Kabul River Basin

Hameed Jamali (Assistant Professor, IMSciences, Peshawar)
PaperPolicy Brief


(1) Izza Aftab
Assistant Professor (Economics),
Beaconhouse National University, Lahore

(2) Abdul Salam Lodhi
Professor/Director University College of Zhob, BUITEMS

V. Regulatory Environment of ‘professions’ in Pakistan

Umer Ijaz Gilani
Partner at The Law and Policy Chambers, Islamabad
PaperPolicy Brief

RASTA Showcase-II: PIDE Citypedia

PIDE Citypedia: Urban Sprawl & Public Services in our Cities
Faheem Jehangir
Senior Research Economist, PIDE Islamabad

VI. Governance & Public Service Delivery

Decentralisation’s Effects on Health: Theory and Evidence from Balochistan, Pakistan
Manzoor Ahmed (Associate Professor, Lasbela University, Uthal, Balochistan)
PaperPolicy Brief

The Political Economy of School Education in Post-18th Amendment in Balochistan
Rafiullah Kakar (Director, P&D, Government of Balochistan, Quetta)
PaperPolicy Brief

Measuring The Accessibility Benefits Of Public Transport: An Evidence From Lahore Orange Line Metro Train
Alvina Sabah Idrees (Assistant Professor, GC University, Lahore)
PaperPolicy Brief

The Ongoing Crisis in the Sugar Industry: The Implications of Legislation and Need for Deregulation

Ahsan Jamal Pirzada (Senior Partner, J&J Advocates & Legal Consultants, Islamabad)
PaperPolicy Brief


(1) Zafar Ul Hasan
Joint Chief Economist, M/o PD&SI

(2) Zahid Asghar
Professor of Economics, QAU Islamabad

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