Unlocking Pakistan Railway Dead Capital

Theme/Relevant Ministry:

Pakistan Railways; M/o Commerce; City Administration

Project Brief:

Pakistan Railways has a lot of dead capital, this study intends to highlight that by identifying the land holdings of Pakistan Railway in major cities. It will also look in-depth into the railway’s re-development evidence from the world. In a purely local context, this study will look into the legal structure governing Pakistan Railway land and document the caselaw regarding railway land in order to identify the impediments in its commercialization. All this be followed by a single test case of alternate use of a particular piece of PR land and suggest possible solutions.

Public Policy Relevance:

The study will inform about the effective utilisation of the railway station land, at the same time informing about a possible revenue stream to self-finance the Pakistan Railway. The suggested solution to the legal impediments in the commercialization of the railway land will help in outsourcing the land to the private sector for efficient use.

Azwar Muhammad Aslam
Research Associate, PIDE, Islamabad (PI)
06 months
Rs. 2,500,000/-