The Ongoing Crisis In The Sugar Industry

This study is based on a multidisciplinary approach to analyse laws governing the sugar industry and the implications thereof. It focuses on the current market operation within Pakistan, critically contrasting it with the model implemented within different jurisdictions for the effective market operation of the sugar industry. It highlights the inefficaciousness and longstanding practices of the market players, how these are supported by existing legal structures, and how these undermine competition. While the sugar industry is highly significant towards the economy of Pakistan and regardless of the so-called stringent legislative control, which has without a doubt failed, this study shall focus on unveiling the adverse implications of these rules and regulations and analyze a more viable model for an effective market operation. This project shall unveil adverse implications of the overregulation employed for the governance of the sugar industry by analyzing the law and exploring a more viable model for efficacious market operations.

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Jamal & Jamal Advocates & Legal Consultants, Islamabad
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Br. Naima Shahid, Ms. Aroha Tahir Ghauri