Technology Adoption in Islamabad Police

Theme/Relevant Ministry:

Police Service of Pakistan; M/o Interior; Interior Departments; PMO

Project Brief:

Police reforms have been a contentious issue in Pakistan, where a series of efforts to transform the image of the police have not accrued the desired results. A fresh effort in this regard is underway in ICT Police in which core and non-core policing tasks are being segregated and online management systems and e-public service through customer facilitation centers have been introduced. This study is an endeavor to identify challenges faced by ICT Police in the implementation of these changes with their current skill set and focus on their interoperability with other systems and their contribution. Moreover, it will acquire public feedback regarding the quality of service delivery with the introduction of online FIR compared to traditional bureaucracy. In-depth interviews will be conducted with both officers and lower-rank police officials, and feedback from the general public will be obtained to carryout reflexive thematic analysis.

Public Policy Relevance:

The study will critically analyze online management systems and e-public services modules being implemented at police stations and facilitation centres to ascertain the level of their utility and procedural improvements achieved through them. The analysis will enhance system functionality and allow its optimum utilization in Islamabad Police. It will allow the government to better manage existing systems and discard redundant processes to improve system functionality.

Verda Salman
Assistant Professor, NUST, Islamabad (PI)
06 months
Rs. 2,750,000/-