Techno-Economic Analysis Of Widespread Microgrid Deployment In Pakistan’s Electrical Power Sector

“The objective of this study is to present a comprehensive analysis for the widespread deployment of microgrid systems in Pakistan. The study will be carried out keeping in view the techno-economic, financial and policy perspectives and its results will facilitate the policy makers in taking necessary initiatives for microgrids development in Pakistan. Identification of business attractive zones for microgrids will be a key component of this research work which will encourage various stakeholders in utilizing this cutting-edge technology to overcome the current challenges of Pakistan’s power sector i.e., sustainability, affordability and reliability.

The power sector of Pakistan is already following the path of major restructuring in line with the globally well-established 3D reforms, i.e., Decarbonize, Decentralize & Democratize. The current reforms related to ‘Decarbonize’ and ‘Decentralize’ include the important steps of electrical vehicle policy, 30% penetration of renewable energy, implementation of CTBCM (Competitive Trading Bilateral Contract Market) and Alternative and Renewable Energy (ARE) Policy 2019. Our research work will pave the way for the very next step, which is ‘Democratization’ of power sector through deployment of microgrids in the electrical power network of Pakistan. In this regard, the potential locations will be identified across Pakistan and their technical, financial, legal and regulatory implications will be analyzed.

The significance as well as potential benefits of microgrids in Pakistan’s future energy policies will be investigated. In addition to policy recommendations, technical solutions for issues associated with the interconnection/operation of on-grid and off-grid microgrids, such as frequency control, voltage control, harmonics, stability issues, etc., shall be proposed specifically in the context of a weak electrical power network in rural/remote areas. Moreover, possible investment models for massive scale microgrids deployment in Pakistan will also be chalked out.”

CGP 01-039
Deputy Manager (Technical)
National Transmission and Dispatch Company (NTDC), Lahore
12 months
Rs. 3,000,000/-