Skill Mapping And Human Resource Planning For Special Economic Zones: Job Creation For Unemployed Youth Of Balochistan

Theme/Relevant Ministry:

NAVTTC; PM Youth Development Initiative; CPEC Authority; Government of Balochistan

Project Brief:

The TVET system of Balochistan is highlighted to give starting point mapping of TVET skills for human resource planning in this study. The strength of skills mapping for human resource planning are based on these institutional frameworks of TVET system in Balochistan. The skills dissemination through public and private sectors institutions rely upon TVET policies, laws, protocols and standards of provincial and national qualification frameworks to ensure quality skills provision for skilling the provincial labor force. The guidelines given by NAVTTC, ILO and UNESCO documents for skills provisions in the province recognize the testing and relevancy of TVET skills mostly concerned with fulfilling the common sets of demand-driven TVET skills for the requirements of industrial labor market needs in the province. There are traces of legal, administrative, coordination, cascading, not specific to industrial needs, highly imbalanced skills sets provision among vocational and technical skills, gender-biased, quality compromises, non-alliance of provincial TVET provisions, and deficiencies in specific technical and vocational skills are issues that are identified for skills mapping and human resource planning to effectively ensure job creation for unemployed labor force to be employed in SEZs/EPZs of Balochistan. To cope with the problem of skills deficiency in technical and vocational skills for the needs of SEZs/EPZs and their industrial labor demands justify the case for devising human resource planning to ensure employment and job creation for unemployed youth of Balochistan.

Public Policy Relevance:

This research brings forth empirical, industry demand oriented and labor market based TVET skills mapping and human resource planning for job creation for unemployed youth (i.e., age group of 15-29 years) as socio economic policy implications for the province of Balochistan.


Final Research Report, Policy Brief and Journal article can be downloaded from the link:

CGP 01-091
Aziz Ahmed
Professor, Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences (BUITEM), Quetta (PI)
12 months
Rs. 3,601,807/-