Nature, Causes and Consequences of Youth Unemployment in Balochistan: An Empirical Analysis

Theme/Relevant Ministry:

M/o HRD, M/o Education

Project Brief:

Our project explores and analyzes the nature, causes and consequences of unemployment in Balochistan. Youth unemployment is a key concern for Pakistan—given its budding young population, lack of coherent public policy measures, and neglect of successive provincial and federal governments in tackling the issues faced by young people, especially in Balochistan. Our research attempts to understand the dynamics behind the unemployment of educated youth in Balochistan.   Moreover, we seek to understand job market clearing in Balochistan, analyzing the roles of stakeholders on both demand and supply side. Furthermore, we attempt to understand the reasons behind brain drain of talent from Balochistan. Additionally, we will be critically analyzing the existing youth policies and strategies in Balochistan. 

We believe that our research will help stakeholders and policy makers with better understand the dynamics of unemployment in Balochistan—helping them develop informed policy and better strategies to tackle the issue of unemployment among youth in Balochistan.

Public Policy Relevance:

This study aims to investigate the youth unemployment phenomenon in Balochistan and provide action-oriented policy recommendations to the government, policymakers, and other stakeholders to effectively address the youth unemployment issue. The goal is to set forth workable and appropriate solutions that could be considered to address the youth unemployment issue in Balochistan.

Mohammad Ahsan Achakzai
Assistant Professor, BUITEMS University, Quetta (PI)
06 months
Rs. 3,000,000/-