Measuring The Accessibility Benefits Of Public Transport: An Evidence From Lahore Orange Line Metro Train (Olmt)

Theme/Relevant Ministry:

M/o Communication; Transport Department (Punjab); Punjab Mass- Transit Authority; M/o PDSI

Project Brief:

Rapid urbanization and migration towards Lahore are causing inadequacy in the public service delivery; most notably the public transport The Lahore Orange Line Metro Train (OLMT) is the first light rail mass transit project of Pakistan to cater the need of growing population of Lahore. The current study is based on the ex-post evaluation by exploring the multiple accessibility benefits, willingness to pay of the passengers and social inclusion. The study also develops a case for accessibility improvement by identifying the gaps that may create hurdle for users or discourage non-users.  Another key concern is heavy subsidization which is an undue burden on government resources. Some viable policy options are suggested to make this project financially sustainable.

Public Policy Relevance:

This research would help devise a better feasibility plan for similar mass transit projects in the future by linking different parameters of transportation accessibility benefits with sustainable revenue streams.

In progress 90%

Unedited Working Paper and Policy Brief prepared for the Second RASTA Conference can be downloaded from the link:

CGP 02-054
Alvina Sabah Idrees
Assistant Professor, GC University Lahore (PI)
08 months
Rs. 2,500,000/-