Measuring The Accessibility Benefits Of Public Transport: An Evidence From Lahore Orange Line Metro Train (Olmt)

Lahore Orange Line Metro Train (OLMT) is a recent policy intervention to meet the growing demand for public transport in Lahore which is the first mass transit project of Pakistan. The study will investigate the consumer-oriented benefits of OLMT. Primary data will be collected to cover the aspects of a demographic and economic profile, proximity, affordability, mobility, convenience, connectivity and social as well as temporal acceptability. These aspects of accessibility will help us to evaluate whether subsidization of OLMT is rationalized or not from the perspective of social inclusion. In addition, a case will be developed for accessibility improvement, if needed, to incentivize the OLMT usage. The study will target a small group of non-users of OLMT as well which will help to identify the gaps and provide solutions to make urban transport policy more compatible with mass transit. Lastly, the ex-post evaluation of OLMT is likely to contribute by suggesting viable policy options to make this project financially sustainable. The expected outcome of this research will help devise a better feasibility plan for similar mass transit projects in the future by linking different parameters of transportation accessibility benefits with sustainable revenue streams.

CGP 02-054
Government College (GC) University, Lahore
08 months
Rs. 2,500,000/-
Ms. Saima Sarwar