Dynamics Of Food Prices In Major Cities Of Pakistan

Worldwide, the last few years have exhibited an upsurge and volatility in food prices. Pakistan has also been affected by global food price shocks. This study aims to evaluate the dynamics of food prices at the commodity and the city levels by analyzing various stylized facts and volatility in food prices. It also aims to analyze the impact of some important exogenous and endogenous covariates–exchange rate, interest rate, crude oil prices, etc.–on food prices. The study will contribute by computing various stylized facts of food prices. Synchronization Index will help policymakers in identifying the commodities to be intervened at the city level. One of the significant contributions of this study will be the assessment of the volatility of different food commodities for major cities in Pakistan. The findings will help policymakers in designing policies to control volatility in food prices.

CGP 02-011
Assistant Professor/Research Economist
Applied Economics Research Centre (AERC), University of Karachi, Karachi
08 months
Rs. 1,600,000/-
Dr Fouzia Sohail