Nadeem Ul Haque

Ph.D. (Economics) University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois | M.A. (Economics) University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois | B.Sc. (Economics) London School of Economics, London

Nadeem ul Haque is a renowned Pakistani Economist, public policy expert, and thought leader, with wide-ranging operational experience in policy development and economic planning. He is a strong proponent of rethinking the development discourse through research engagements, policy debate, and extensive knowledge networks in Pakistan. Mr. Haque is known for his bold stance on several public sector management issues challenging the status quo, and has been able to give a new direction to discourse on many issues in the country.

Mr. Haque remained the Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission (DCPC) of Pakistan (2010-2013), Trade Policy Advisor to the Ministry of Commerce, Government of Pakistan (2005-2006), and twice the Vice-Chancellor of the leading think tank ‘Pakistan Institute of Development Economics’ (PIDE) during 2006-2007 and 2019 to date. During his service to the Government of Pakistan as the DCPC and then as VC PIDE, he formulated the national development plan called the “Framework for Economic Growth” (FEG) –a reform-based strategy for sustained growth acceleration – and the “Reform for Accelerated Prosperity and Inclusive Development” (RAPID) through a high-level Growth Commission.

Apart from his work in Pakistan, Mr. Haque served at the IMF for 24 years and led technical assistance missions and policy and research teams, and served as IMF Resident Representative in Egypt and Sri Lanka. During his long and illustrious affiliation with the IMF, Mr. Haque implemented public structure reforms in Sri Lanka and Egypt and worked in two central banks to organize a modernization effort, which included improvements in the monetary framework and the policy formulation process.

Mr. Haque has authored and edited numerous books including the critically acclaimed ‘Looking Back: How Pakistan Became an Asian Tiger by 2050’. He has also published over fifty articles on issues such as macro-economic management, planning process, and decision making, civil service reform, cities, and urban planning, domestic commerce, foreign aid, and knowledge economy.

Nadeem Ul Haque
Vice-Chancellor, PIDE/Chairperson, RAC