Decentralisation’s Effects On Health: Theory And Evidence From Balochistan, Pakistan

The provision of basic healthcare services in Pakistan is a critical issue where a vast majority of the population particularly the disadvantaged communities are deprived of access to basic health facilities. In Balochistan, the situation is abysmally poor. This project investigates the impacts of provincial devolution on health services in Balochistan. After the 7th NFC Award and 18th Amendment, Balochistan has gained fiscal space and provincial autonomy to improve social services including health. Hence, it was anticipated that provincial governments would take steps to improve healthcare service delivery. However, some broader perceptions suggest otherwise since the province has not been able to allocate more funds and improve healthcare services. This study will examine this using primary and secondary data and explore to what extend Balochistan has/has not been able to improve the healthcare services. The study will also explore the underlining political and economic factors and provide policy guidelines to remove bottlenecks for better healthcare services for all in the province.

CGP 02-034
Associate Professor
Lasbela University of Agriculture, Water and Marine Sciences ((LUAWMS), Uthal
08 months
Rs. 2,000,000/-
Mr. Abdul Qayyum