Critical Appraisal of Institutional and Legal Infrastructure of Revenue Courts in Pakistan to Minimize Sludge in Agriculture Property Cases

Theme/Relevant Ministry:

Revenue Departments; FBR; M/o Agriculture; Agri Departments

Project Brief:

This study aims to bridge a policy gap existing in the current institutional and legal framework of revenue courts by assessing the impact of sludge within revenue courts on agricultural property rights attainment as well as its impact on service delivery of Revenue Officers and the cumulative effect on the GDP of Pakistan.

Public Policy Relevance:

This study will provide a road map for policymakers to improve their service delivery mechanism within existing revenue courts and analyse where sludge can be effectively reduced and simultaneously reduce the economic cost of litigation for litigants.

Saad S. Khan
Director General, Law & Human Rights, Govt of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Peshawar (PI)
06 months
Rs. 2,500,000/-