Building-up Policy Framework for Business Incubation Ecosystem in Pakistan

The incubations usually have an impact on the economic growth of a country by producing more job opportunities and showcasing solutions for socio-economic issues by means of innovations, and most importantly supporting economy in term trade deficit and local needs. However, it is also admitted fact that the most incubations go towards their failure and we cannot see high potential breakthroughs which can put Pakistan on the map as an entrepreneurial country e.g. China, UK and Israel etc. or any start-ups-based city e.g. Beijing, Chennai, Silicon Valley etc. Keeping in backdrop to Pakistan’s market size, potentials, crisis and growth, we intend to conduct an in-depth assessment study of Pakistan’s incubation & start up/ business ecosystems by exploring ecosystem through literature and to have detailed insights about its existing state in Pakistan.

Abdul Wahid
Assistant Professor
National University of Modern Languages (NUML)
06 months
Gulfam Khan Khalid