An Ignored Solution to K-12 Education Problems in Pakistan: Framework for Mainstreaming Career Education

Theme/Relevant Ministry:

M/o Education; Education Departments; M/o HRD

Project Brief:

The current academic debate focuses on congruence between institutes (knowledge economy) and careers (economy) for developing a prosperous country. In this regard, Career Education – an integrated approach – is found to be a panacea to major educational and vocational problems across the globe. However in Pakistan, a time bound activity such as career guidance is only focused which lacks comprehensive nature required for helping students to recognize their potentials and career choices. To overcome this issue, Career Education is one of the key solutions to grow students academically and professionally. Specifically, the researchers in this project aim to develop a contextually relevant framework of Career Education for K-12 Education in Pakistan to mitigate educational and vocational problems at grassroots level. To attain this goal, analysis of career-related research studies and educational policies in Pakistan will be done through systematic review. Besides, different Career Education frameworks will be reviewed to develop age and grade appropriate contextual framework. To validate the framework, workshops will be conducted with experts from varied fields to gain the critical insights. In a nutshell, this project will help to develop a framework that can bridge gap between what is being learnt in schools and its relation to professional and vocational life of students.

Public Policy Relevance:

To conduct systematic analysis for reviewing career-related research studies and educational policies in Pakistan, and to develop the contextually relevant framework of career education for K-12 Education in Pakistan. The framework would be followed by all school systems in Pakistan to help K-12 students know about a) further fields of education and b) future careers.

Ghazanfar Iqbal
Lecturer, University of Makran, Panjgur (PI)
06 months